I began investing with F Street several years ago. I invested $50,000 in my first real estate deal syndication. Fast forward a few years and I now have several million dollars invested over 10+ real estate investments in partnership with F Street and I am continuing to build a diversified real estate portfolio with their offerings.

F Street has exceeded my expectations. They have delivered exceptional returns for me and my dental peers. I have enjoyed receiving monthly distribution and sale proceed checks from various investments. I have great comfort knowing I am generating passive income while I am working. Since investing, I have been able to reduce my work schedule from 5 to 3 days per week, providing myself with more freedom and time to do other things I love. Based on my great experience, I have referred several dentist colleagues to F Street and they have shared a similar experience as me. I am excited to continue diversifying and building passive income streams, owning assets, and building long-term wealth.

Dr. Zachary Rosen