Scott Lurie

Scott Lurie

Founder and President

Scott is the founder of F Street Group, an investment company that includes a number of industry vertical investments, including real estate, hospitality, lending, and emerging markets.

After graduating from George Washington University, Scott returned home to Milwaukee in 2004 and began investing in real estate. Since then, he’s created a number of investment-specific portfolios using the “F Street” brand, including Development, Hospitality, and Investments.

As President of F Street Development, Scott has been the driving force behind acquiring the initial real estate assets and continues to look for new investments that meet his stringent criteria, while focusing on helping to improve the communities where he invests.

“Everyone has the potential to do great things, but not everyone is willing to work to achieve it.”

Josh Lurie

Josh Lurie

General Counsel and Vice President of Investor Relations

Josh is a partner with F Street Development. He received a BBA from UW-Madison in Accounting and Finance, Investment and Banking, and received a JD from Marquette University and is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.

Prior to joining F Street Development in 2018, Josh practiced real estate law at Husch Blackwell. Before that, Josh worked at the office of Deloitte & Touche in their audit group, auditing public and non-public companies.

Josh focuses on sourcing and underwriting investment opportunities, performing legal work, and working closely with our investors to ensure proper communication and transparency.

“Real estate, when purchased and managed appropriately, is a safe long-term investment and a great way to build wealth.”